For PDIs, ADIs, Franchisees, Franchisors and Independents
This Is The SatNav To Your Future

January 28th
West Notts College

Doors open 8am
Event starts at 9am
Finishing around 4:30pm

All Ticket Sales Go Direct To Speed Of Sight

We answer the BIG questions about your business.
You get ideas and inspiration to propel yourself to be among the top companies in the driving school profession.

Advice like this would easily cost you £500 or more.
However, it can be yours for the price of donating £17.00 to charity!

Just What Do You Want?
Are you happy with the humdrum of mediocrity or do you and your family deserve more?

That's right.
The Driving Instructor Business Summit is not about Standards Checks, it's not about having a fuller diary, and it's not even about increasing your lesson prices...it's about you, your family, your purpose and how you are going to smash your life goals.

For sure we have top advice on hand to help you with the technicalities of running a great driving school, but the Summit goes much further, and much deeper.

Get Ready To Embrace!

Have you ever woken up thinking you could do so much more?
You must have had those moments where you say to yourself "That could be me"
And you have thought "how did they get on TV, how did they become successful, how did they build a huge driving school?"

The Summit is a golden gift for you to get a true perspective of who you are, where you are heading, and where you really want to be.
You already have the wonderful ambition of wanting to be a top driving instructor,  the tools are out there for you to do it.

And now is the time for you to let go of whatever has been holding you back, for you to burst onto the scene, to be great and for you to be mega proud.

We only have one crack at life, when do you start?
When do we finally admit to ourselves we can do better,
that there is more to achieve,
more to be had...

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Let's face it, its a question you are thinking about!
Is this right for you?
Is it worth giving up your time for?

David Hyner is hosting the show, and yes the Summit is going to be in the style of a chat show. Thanks to ADI Adrian Lord we even have a house band.

While Mr Hyner stands in for David Letterman and Jonathan Ross, he will be supported by truly world class presenters. Kul Mahay, Shirley Palmer and Adrianne Carter will take to the stage in this action-packed morning. In true chat show style, David Hyner will interview each presenter before they turn to you the audience and share with you their gold!

The Afternoon Snooze Is Not Going To Happen

Who dreads going back into the 2nd half after a belly full of food!
We have been there and done that as well. 
But it's not going to happen.

You are going to take full advantage of 2 expert panels.
This truly is a Summit, not just a place of learning cutting-edge, world-class solutions,
but you'll be apart of the conversation.

If you want a chance of your question being answered just fill out the form below and we'll choose a great selection of questions to benefit us all.

Whether it's about sales, marketing, personal development, ADI skills, business building, or anything our presenters have brought to the table, this is your opportunity to get involved.

Number of Tickets

Meet The Speakers

Honestly...The speakers are truly top drawer...world class!

Look At Your Students Face - There Is The Real Story!

You hear the words but often the real meaning, and the true sentiment remains guarded.
Whether you are in conversation with your partner, children or learner drivers, Adrianne is going to show us all how to decipher facial expressions, so you know what really is being said!
Adrianne is an emotions specialist, and you are going to thoroughly enjoy what he has to share with you.
Please read more here  https://www.adriannecarter.com/


Massive Goals

We are delighted to be able to attract David Hyner to the Summit, and you are going to love him.
I'm not going to bore you with saying David talks about goal setting, because David actually helps you set MASSIVE goals.
Most people have SMART goals - and they just don't work!
After interviewing over 230 highly successful people, from billionaires to top sports stars, not one said set a smart goal,
all laid plans for MASSIVE goals.

David is going to show us how to move away from our fears and turn your dreams into reality.
If there ever was an uplifting motivational speech, that leads you to standing on your feet and making you feel raring to go, then David is exactly what you and the Summit needs.

He is a major speaker and as well as speaking to 10-50k people a year he has some outstanding testimonials
Take a look at his website http://davidhyner.com/
David will be with us all day, and you will be astounded!

1. How your vibe can effect the driving test
2. Understanding core values and how they can grow your business

So just what are your core values, how do they affect your business and how is the vibe you give off having an influence on whether or not your students pass their test. You will have never seen this speech before as Kul brings something really different to his presentation that is going to help immediately help you.

Our intention is you will have a new and important angle to assess your business with.
The tools you will receive from Kul will give you a new and important insight and importantly, a competitive advantage.

Whether you are just starting out as an instructor or you have been around and developed your own team, you need to meet people like Kul, because the information you are going to take and use is exactly the reason you are on this website right now.
You can see more of Kul on his website http://www.kulmahay.com/

Your Mindset

Coming all the way from California we are delighted to introduce Shirley Palmer.
From listening to her its easy to see a 2nd opportunity to this thing we call life.
Her outstanding presentation opens the doors to your future. 
"Think it, Feel it, Do it" is her mantra and you can read more about Shirley here www.shirleypalmer.com

Meet The Trade Stands

Interested in a trade stand...click here

Tina and Kelly will be bringing their team to help support you, your day and the rest of your career with their unique insight into the world of driver training. Whether you have a question about leasing cars, business development or anything in between ADINDI are a great solution for your questions. 

ADINDI are also the people who are financing the event, if it wasn't for their kindness and support there would be no event. Please do find time to introduce yourself.


Martin Leather has been an ADI for over 26 years and also when an area manager for the AA he ran their biggest region with approximately 80 ADIs recruited and retained. That's pretty good going by any standard and now through his business Driving School Development (DSD), he is traveling the country helping ADIs reach their business goals. Martin and his team will be attending the Summit with a trade stand and will soon be featuring on a webinar. We're sure DSD will be a very popular stand and that you'll enjoy asking your questions. For more information about Martin and DSD please go to their website http://drivingschooldevelopment.co.uk/

Smart Driving

John Farlam, Graham Lucas and Adam Bragg will be supporting you throughout the day. With respect to Graham and Adam who do more then their fair share of the workload (So Adam tells me lol), you will probably be more familiar with John, who has been an industry leader in his own right for more than 3 decades. The Smart Driving team are here to support your driving school business with their boundless levels of knowledge and experience. You will also be able to get very special access to their Standards Check App which is taking the industry by storm! Please be sure to make it your mission to see their trade stand and pose them your business questions.

The Alternative Franchise The risk factor when going independent can seem quite high. You tend to think of "What happens if?" And for that reason, lots of ADIs prefer to invest their money into another school on the basis they receive protection from the school by receiving pupils. The Alternative Franchise gives you the opportunity to promote your own driving school name, receive enquiries, develop business thinking, and all while under the protection of a money back guarantee. Come and say hello at the Summit and see how it could work for you. www.alternativefranchise.co.uk

PDI ADI Training in France

Date: May 22nd 2018
Nights: 2
Location: Cognac

If you are a PDI, newly qualified ADI or going solo this 2 night event could be right up your street.
Be sure to visit our trade stade, which is sited with Driving School Development and The Alternative Franchise.

During the pre launch to this event in May, 4 PDIs and one experienced ADI where that impressed they asked to book, so there are only 11 tickets remaining 

In the meantime, be sure to check out http://adibusinesstraining.co.uk/
for all the details. 

Disability Driving Instructors

"We help people with physical disabilities, special educational needs and those with hearing difficulties who need advice about driving." As an ADI you will need several strings to your bow when it comes to running your business, have you considered working with disabled people as a part of your business could bring massive benefits to many people? If you are on the lookout for expanding your business, while at the same time assisting people in a way you could never do before, then please do pop over to our trade stand. Find out more now https://www.disabilitydrivinginstructors.com/

The Driving Instructor Show...

...Is a trade exhibition for the driver and rider training industry. If you are an ADI, PDI, rider trainer or looking for a change of career THE DRIVING INSTRUCTOR SHOW is a must visit industry event. It is a free to enter business exhibition offering a wealth of opportunity. Encompassing new products and services essential to the efficient running of a driving school business. If you are currently in a franchise, a small driving school owner or an independent this event will help you achieve a more streamlined business. Meet Mike Spooner and his team from their trade stand, in the meantime please have a look at http://www.drivinginstructorshow.co.uk/

The ADINJC made Speed Of Sight their official charity, and we are delighted they are here to share their massive expertise and knowledge with you. From latest industry news to modern training methods, the ADINJC is exactly the who you need to meet up with. https://www.adinjc.org.uk/

The DVSA are largely an untapped source when it comes to asking the question "what can I do to improve my business" Sitting in the position they do, their angle is unique so take up the opportunity of engaging with them.

MyDriveTime is an online and in-car ADI software tool that helps you manage your diary, students, lessons and money, so you spend less time on admin and more time teaching. Visit us at the Driving Instructors Business Summit to find out how we can revolutionise the way you work.

Providing the ADI industry with insights, pupils & perks.
The ADI Network is geared to saving instructors money, with a host of perks designed to reduce the running costs we all face.
Save on: Fuel Costs, Car Purchase, Mobile Phone Insurance, Days Out.
Along with our pupil supply service and regular industry related blogs, members have access to services to help them succeed.

Visit their website to find out more www.adinetwork.blog

Providing Information, Representation, Services and Support for Driver Trainers throughout Great Britain. Whether it’s advice about the new test, information about the ADI Code of Practice or guidance about how to complain about a driving test MSA GB will try and answer all your questions. They will also have some special offers on membership of the association which includes £15 million of professional indemnity and public liability insurance as part of the membership alongside free advice lines, a regional structure providing local meetings and reasonably priced professional training. http://www.msagb.com/


If you are looking to move your business forward on the sound foundation of experience, knowledge and education than head over to see the Tri Coaching team. From changing client attitude to service excellence, there is not much Tri Coaching can't support you with. http://www.tri-coachingpartnership.com/

Chris Bensted has kindly agreed to be our special Social Media Interviewer. Like everyone else, he will be in the audience watching the presentations but with his backstage pass, Chris will be meeting up with each speaker, asking a few questions and sharing it live on Facebook. For more information about Chris and his business, please go to http://badis.co.uk/
Brilliant ! Brilliant ! Brilliant !!!
In case you don't get it - I thought today was brilliant. Learned a lot, will bring it all into practice.
Mark Wardle
Thank you for creating something amazing for our industry and for all the trade stands and speakers as well

James Hankins
Great event, great speakers, great company. So worthwhile. Well done.

Peter Scott